Black Gate Distillery Ranga Rum


I’m trying the Black Gate Distillery Ranga Rum tonight. I must admit that I bought it more for the novelty factor and also the fact that it’s so limited with only 161 bottles released. (I have bottle number 143) I already have a bottle of the Black Gate single cask which is a nice drop. Anyway, so this Rum is copper pot distilled and aged for 2 years in a 100litre sherry cask and then finished in a ex ginger beer cask!!! (Hence the name). I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t know if it would be sweet or like a spiced rum… it’s neither really. It’s actually a decent young rum, it’s quite firey but not spicey. I like it but the Mrs isn’t a fan and screwed she her face up when she tried it. She said it’s very raw.

The smell is quite sweet and alcoholic which I guess it should be at 51% ABV. In the glass it has a straw like colour which you’d expect from a young rum. In the mouth it has a certain zing. This is where it becomes really interesting. An initial rummy taste with a bit of a bite and then the ginger comes through and spreads across the tongue. It slowly grows and doesn’t smack you in the face. It’s like a wave that starts slowly and builds to quite a punch. It’s hard to explain but a very pleasant experience. It’s certainly not a spiced rum and holds its own as a molasses based rum but with an interesting twist. I love the way it lingers on the tongue and in the throat even after it’s gone. Certainly not just a novelty rum but something quite different from the norm.


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