Bundaberg 2015 Blenders edition


Tonight’s offering is the Bundaberg 2015 Blenders edition. Apologies for the self indulgent tasting posts but I work away from home for three weeks out of every four and rum is non available and banned where I work so I have to make up for it in the week that I’m home. Anyway I digress. I’ve always avoided “Bundy” like I generally try to avoid family holidays to Aleppo. In Australia it kind of has a reputation as a bit of a bogun spirit and tends to come pre mixed with cola in cans. (Well that’s my impression of it anyway). So I was a bit apprehensive buying this but the guy in the bottle shop reassured me that this is different and that it did win best Rum in the world 2016 at some award in London. So who am I to argue?
Anyway the bottle is gorgeous and I am a bit of a sucker for quirky packaging and marketing. The cork “popped” loudly, which was very satisfying, and it “glugs” beautifully as it pours. The aroma? Hmmm I dunno…. toffee? Dates? Sticky date pudding? quite pleasant.
As I tend to do now, I let it rest with ice before sipping. The taste is nice enough. There’s no “WOW” to it, especially after the Ord River liquid dynamite that I tried last night. It’s very mellow. Easy sipping with no big notes that I can detect. I like it and it has a silky mouth feel but I was kind of expecting more and a little disappointed in that respect. I can best compare it to Mount Gay XO. A light style rum which I didn’t expect. The guy in the bottle shop was right though. It is a world away from the generic entry level Bundy.

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