Chairmans Reserve “The Forgotten Casks”


I thought I’d crack the Chairmans Reserve “The Forgotten Casks” tonight as most people I know have given it the thumbs up. I’ve got tiki tunes by Robert Drasnin playing for a bit of ambience. Anyway this is the third bottle in my collection from St Lucia Distillery. I’m a huge fan of the 1931 expressions so much so that I’d probably say that the 1st edition is my benchmark rum. I also have the Chairmans Reserve spiced which is great with Coke and freshly squeezed lime.
The Forgotten Cask certainly looked interesting when I poured it. It’s got an almost rose gold colour to it much like the spiced version.
Initial nosing and immediately I noticed no alcohol burn. Even with a deeper nose it’s quite subtle and very pleasant. I’m not sure I’ve ever smelt neat molasses but this is what I’d imagine it would be like. It has a beautiful “rummy” aroma like a good rum and raisin ice cream. The tears on the side of the glass just hang there which I guess suggests it’s quite oily.
First taste is fantastic. To me it’s just how rum should be. Again it’s rummy. There’s no over powering or dominant flavours but it’s still interesting and complex enough to make me want more. There’s a beautiful oakiness which again isn’t overpowering at all. It tastes unadulterated, not sweet and with a lovely dry after taste. Obviously these are only my amateur thoughts but to me this is almost as good as the 1931….. almost…. but not quite but at half the price than the 1931 in Australia it’s a winner for me 

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