St Lucia Admiral Rodney


I absolutely love anything from St Lucia Distillers, and this is no exception. I find their products to be honest and great value for money.  This time around I asked  my wife Jools to give me her opinion as I knew that mine would be biased anyway, so she is giving St Lucia Admiral Rodney a go and as she’s quite colourful with her appraisals I thought I’d share.
These are her words.
“Aroma, first sniff is very smooth caramel hint changing as it warms in her hand. Second hint is almost like barbecued banana. Warm nights on a tropical beach. A chameleon with changing notes.
Tasting is difficult to explain. Initial kick hits the back of the throat but the taste isn’t the same as the smell. Quite a rawness and not completely smooth. Definite smokey caramel with a kick arse lingering zing!”
There you go. All this from a gin drinker.

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