Tamborine Mountain Distillery Gold Rum


I recently tried this local rum. We visited the Distillery earlier in the month  and as I like to support independent Aussie rums, I bought a bottle of the Gold and the spiced rum and also a bottle of cane juice spirit (Along with a bottle of their Lillypilly gin for Jools, my wife).
So I have no idea of its age, if any. I should have asked but I suspect it wouldn’t be much more than 3 years. I’m not convinced by the look of the bottle but that’s just my preference for chunky traditional bottles. It seems to be a bit of a theme in Australia to go for the long skinny bottle rather than the stubby type. So it’s molasses based however it does have a fairly vegetal flavour with lots of fresh grass. Other flavours I can find are apricot and under ripe banana. The aromas are quite raw but the flavour is quite fresh and pleasant. There’s a degree of bite to it but nothing over the top. It’s bottles at 40% ABV and I kind of think it would be even more interesting if they bottled at cask strength or even mid 40’s. All in all though it holds its own as a solid, award winning, copper pot distilled artisan rum. Very tasty and fresh.

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