Lark Distillery Quiet Cannon Rum


I’ve been keeping an eye on this rum for sometime now. As I have said before, I’m a fan of Australian Rums and this has been on my radar to add to the collection. The only problem is that it’s been unavailable for some time. Apart from the distillery itself in Tasmania, the only place I could find that stocked it was “Oak Barrel” in Sydney. Every time I checked their website though they were always out of stock…..until last week…….BANG! add to cart! Enter credit card details and sit back eagerly await what had almost become a mythical rum to me.

And today it arrived. A nice touch when I opened the extremely well packaged parcel was to find a personalised thank you note from the store. Now that’s good customer service.

Lark Distillery is more famous for it’s single malt whisky’s. In fact they’ve carved out quite a reputation for their single malts and so I guess it stood to reason that their rum offering should be aged in single malt whisky barrels.

The distinctive bottle is nice. A real break from the norm and with the small wooden stopper and brass embossed cannon and label it has a certain 1970’s kitsch to it which I like.

Pulling the stopper out releases instant glorious aroma’s. A sweetness that to my nose was more port or sherry than whisky but that was only a very fleeting impression. In the glass and the whisky influence is far more evident. This is born from a copper pot still and you can tell. It has that rawness that a pot still produces but restrained and not at all rough. There’s lots of barbecued stone fruit, peaches and plums.

Tasting and theres delicious sticky date pudding with a smokey wood. The whisky notes really come through now and I would go so far as to say that a rum novice could be forgiven for thinking they were trying an exotic single malt Scotch in a blind taste test. There’s plenty going on in here. The caramel and burnt sugar notes lead into tannins and leather. The finish reminded me of good cigar tobacco. Thick and heavy and ohhhhhhhh so long. A good three or four minutes after each sip and it’s still there.

What a terrific rum. Well worth the wait and I can see why it is so hard to come by. Bottled at 50% ABV and this should be a rum at twice the price…it’s that good. Mind you, having said that, the bottle is a measly 500ml. This tiny bottle isn’t going to last long.

Quiet Cannon is from Lark Distillery, I’ve been to their shop in Hobart, Tasmania. The shop is in the old part of Hobart on the edge of the harbour. It’s a beautiful area with a very Olde Worlde feel with water front, centuries old, sand stone warehouses (Long since converted to trendy cafe’s, upmarket shops and boutique hotels. You can still imagine this place 200 years ago though with the old ships plying their trade and rough sailers replenishing their rum stocks. Quiet Cannon however has class, this rum belongs in the modern day in the upmarket bars. Miles and years away from rough pirate grog. 9/10.


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